Villa 114

Another genuine lighthouse that was built in 1882 on the south-eastern tip of the Istrian Peninsula. It's situated 50 m from the sea and it was named Lanterna by the locals. The first light was ignited on August 8, 1883. The light is located on a 95 square meter tower collapsed on a stone building with a 150 square meter lighthouse keeper area with brown shutters overlooking on the NNE. Lighthouse was, due to strong sea currents and strong winter winds, built in the vicinity of several islets and rocks in order to ensure safety of navigation. Lighthouse keepers served from the first ignition of the light from 1883rd by the end of 1970-s when the lens is removed from the tower. Then the light became automated and it was placed on an iron turret. From that time, lighthouse is left to decay. But in the year 2011 it's new owner started to restore this peace of history. A three bedrooms two bathroom old restored lighthouse at the very southern tip of Istria. Totally romantic and luxurious, very private and looking at the open sea. Old outside but new inside with Wi-Fi internet and TV. Pets are welcome. This is a rare opportunity to stay in a newly renovated lighthouse which is very secluded, but easily reached by car via a small country road. It is also just four km from a fishing village with restaurants and supermarkets, and in a perfect position for you to swim just in front of your house. The lighthouse is built on a promontory and has a characteristic bright white façade. The main house stands on its own in a 1000 square metres walled garden, but all around the house are fields and in front is just the sea. The lighthouse villa gets its electricity from solar panels and collects rainwater in a water tank.


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