Villa 101

This extremely peaceful Villa is located far away from anything that could be considered stressful. It consists of 2 floors. On the first floor there are kitchen and living room, while on the second floor there are two gorgeous rustic bedrooms. The villa has two toilets and a magnificent fireplace. It is suitable for accommodation of 4 persons including little babies. The most exclusive part of villa is a pool with massage jets which is unique because of its position inside an old cottage with no roof that is linked with the villa. There is also a sun deck and a slab with barbecue. The pool house enables its guests a full intimacy and the small windows within it provide a fascinating view at the peaceful Istrian scenery. This Villa was built and furnished with lots of love, will and efforts. Staying in it will offer their guests a refuge from bustling city and ensure discovering peace and harmony they forgot exists. Come, visit and convince yourself in its irresistible charm!


Primary characteristics



Technical facilities